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Religious and military ceremonies in the honor of the Romanian Heroes

On 17 May 2018, the Embassy of Romania in Belgium together with the Romanian National Military Representative to the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers in Europe (SHAPE) organized a ceremony to honor the Romanian Heroes fallen on the Belgian battlefields during the First World War. The ceremony took place at the Communal Cemetery in Mons and included a liturgical service led by Fr. Gabriel Pop from the Permanent Office of the Romanian Orthodox Church to the European Institutions, followed by the intonation of the Romanian and Belgian National Anthems, and the Hymn of Heroes. In the presence of the Deputy Commander, the members of the Romanian National Military Representative, the Romanian Charge d’Affaires a.i. and of the officials of Romanian Embassy and Consulate, flower wreaths were deposited at the graves of the ten Romanian soldiers who lost their lives in the First World War. To keep their memory alive and to equally emphasize the Romanian involvement in the first global conflagration, the same Romanian Embassy holds the exhibition entitled “Romanians in the First World War” in several Belgian cities. photo source: Embassy of Romania in Belgium

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