CROCEU GS, in Krakow: "Restrictions on freedom of religion should not be applied discretionary!"

"Ever since the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic, many European countries have failed to consistently protect one of the fundamental freedoms enshrined in their Constitutions, as well as in European and international treaties. Freedom of religion can indeed be limited, in its external dimension, in certain circumstances - such as to ensure public health. Yet these limitations should be proportionate to their aim and not be applied in a discriminatory manner. Moreover, up until now, the Churches in Europe have made an overall undeniable contribution to the efforts to alleviate the impact of the pandemic on our societies, intensifying their philanthropic activities and adapting their pastoral

The European Commission adopts a new Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027)

On September 30, the European Commission adopted and presented to the public the new Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027), which offers the main guidelines for an enhanced European connectivity and digital infrastructure with the purpose of increasing the European potential in research and innovation during the next digital age. In July 2020, the EU’s Innovation and Research Commissioner Mariya Gabriel had declared that the objective of a new Digital Education Action Plan "will be to close the digital skills gap and make digital literacy a reality for all.” To that purpose, the document presented on September 30, which has benefitted from an extended public debate (June-September 2020),

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