Presentations by Christian University Students from the Middle East and Africa at the European Parli

The EPP Working Group on 'Intercultural and Religious Dialogue', founded in order to facilitate dialogue and activities on various aspects involving religious organizations, such as education, migration or social tensions, hosted an Extraordinary Meeting at the European Parliament in Brussels on April 10, 2019. Christian students from Kenya, Nigeria, and Iraq were invited to share their experience in their native countries and abroad. The first part of the event presented the efforts of the foundation “Aid to the Church in Need”, which provides humanitarian assistance to Christians facing increasing danger in countries such as Syria, Kenya, Nigeria, or Iraq, and 145 other countries. Ms. Marc

"This country needs much more than peace," EP conference on Syria underscores

On Wednesday, April 3, 2019, the European Parliament in Brussels hosted a conference on the future of Syria, beyond the still ongoing civil conflict that has been shaking this country for the past 8 years. The main contributors were representatives of the various Christian communities present in the region, which are already heavily involved in organising humanitarian assistance for the millions of civilians affected by the fighting. They were joined by high-ranking EU officials working on, or particularly interested in, the process of reconstructing this country. Opening the event, Mairead McGuiness, first Vice-President of the European Parliament, and responsible for the EP's dialogue with

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