H.R. Patapievici, in Brussels: "Today's Europe couldn't have been possible without the

The Arthus Galleries (Brussels) hosted on Wednesday evening, 11 Dec. 2019, the public lecture Europe and Christianity, by the well-known Romanian philosopher Horia Roman Patapievici. The event took place in the framework of the art exhibition The Cross: From Community to Communion, that is displayed in the Belgian capital from 20 November to 22 December 2019. Addressing his audience, Mr. Patapievici talked on the essential theological and political changes brought about by the arrival of Christianity, especially on the way Christianity sublimated the Greek mind and used it in formulating its doctrine, appropriated Roman law and shattered the limits on the human mind and soul by affirming the

Rev Cristian Pavel on the Human Trafficking at the European Parliament

The European Parliament, in collaboration with COMECE and Don Bosco International, has organized on December 2, 2019 a seminary with the subject: “Trafficking in Human Beings”. The theme of the event was determined by the celebration of five years since the adoption of the Joint Declaration of Religious Leaders against Modern Slavery (December 2, 2014, Rome), which served as a public statement of the cults’ commitment (Orthodox, Catholic, Anglican, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, and Buddhist) to collaborate in order to eradicate human trafficking and restore the dignity and freedom of its victims. Five years later, the outspread phenomenon of human trafficking continues to inflict its destructive ef

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