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The seventh edition of the March For Life in Romania

On Saturday, 25/03/2017, the March for life will be organized in Romania to support women in pregnancy crisis and to defend the inherent right to life of every human being. The Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church, during its working session of 9 February 2017, blessed the initiative of the Students for life Association to organize the seventh national edition of the March for Life.

The March for Life represents one of the most important civic initiatives through which people support the fight against abortion. This scourge of contemporary society has claimed more than 22,638,755 lives in Romania during 1958-2014, ranking Romania second country worldwide in terms of the number of abortions reported to the existing population (116.5%).

In accordance with Christian teaching, life is God’s gift to humans, a gift that must be valued and protected, while abortion is a crime committed against an innocent human being, who cannot defend him or herself. Man enjoys life and vitality, has the right to live, but is also responsible for respecting life and defending it in any circumstance, knowing that in his bodily historical existence man prepares for his participation in God’s Kingdom. This year’s edition of the March for Life will be held in over 285 cities across Romania and the Republic of Moldova, under the slogan Help the mother and the child! They depend on you!

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