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ROMANIA 100 - EUROPEAN CULTURE: Romania's 100th anniversary, celebrated in Brussels

The Romanian centenary was celebrated, on Thursday, 8 November 2018, in the Dominican Abbey in Brussels, through a magnificent concert of classical music performed by the Transylvanian Quartet, from Cluj-Napoca. The event was attended by EU officials, diplomats, religious representatives to the EU, as well as members and friends of the Romanian community in Belgium.

In the opening of the concert, His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph, the Vice-President of the Representation of the Romanian Orthodox Church to the European Institution talked about the wider context in which the reunification of all the provinces traditionally inhabited by Romanians was possible, back in 1918. He pointed that this concert is equally marking the 100th celebration of the armistice which brought to an end the First World War, on the 11th of November 1918, and is an homage brought to the over 8 million that were left death during that confrontation, out of whom almost one million were Romanians.

The first part of the program was made up of pieces from the classical Western European repertoire. In the second part, the guests could enjoy some of the Romanian folk suites interpreted by the Transylvanian Quartet.

The event was organised by the Representation of the Romanian Orthodox Church to the European Institution, in cooperation with the Permanent Representation of Romania to The EU, and with the support of the Romanian Ministry for Romanians Abroad.

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