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The “Nicolae Lungu” Choir of the Romanian Patriarchate Concerted in Brussels

Several hundred people were present on January 24 in Brussels, at the concert held by the Nicolae Lungu choir of the Romanian Patriarchate with the blessing of His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel of Romania. Organized in the larger context of the Culture Festival Europalia, which dedicated this year’s edition to Romania, but also marking 30 years from the 1989 Romanian Revolution, the concert celebrated at the same time the union of the Romanian Principalities and the beginning of modern Romania. The event was hosted by the cathedral of one of the most important abbeys of the Belgian capital.

The audience had the pleasure to listen to some of the most beautiful Romanian musical creations, starting with the oldest ones, inspired by the Byzantine and Slavic cultures, and continuing with creations dedicated to the Nativity and Resurrection, the two most important feasts of Christianity.

Among the guests were several hierarchs from Orthodox sister Churches, representatives of the Roman Catholic Church, as well as the Romanian ambassador and consul to Belgium. The concert represents the fruit of an extended collaboration between the Representation of the Romanian Orthodox Church to the EU and the association “Les Grandes Heures de la Cambre.”

At the end of the concert, everyone was invited to discover the exposition “Foc și cer” (Fire and Sky), dedicated to the Christian confessors detained in Romanian communist prisons. The exposition can be visited in Brussels until January 30, 2020, after which it will go on a tour in the major cities of the francophone Belgium.

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