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Abortion is NOT a fundamental right of the EU, but a tragedy!

"The Child Who Was Never Born", by Slovak artist Martin Hudáčeka

On Thursday, 11 Aprli 2024, MEPs are called to vote on a proposal for a Resolution on including the "right to abortion" into the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights (2024/2655 RSP). The motion is being put forth by the Renew Europe group, with support from socialists, greens and the radical left.

In this context, the Representation of the Romanian Orthodox Church to the EU recalls that the position of the Orthodox Church, irrespective of conjunctural political-ideological interests, is eminently oriented towards life, its preservation and protection. The Christian message promotes freedom, love and respect for the life and dignity of the human person, born or unborn. The sanctity of life is an essential dimension of our Christian and European civilisation and we hope that the European institutions will have the wisdom to continue to promote it.

In this light, we recall that unlike the fundamental right of every human being to be born, abortion is neither a fundamental right of humanity, nor of the European Union. Just a few years ago, the entire Orthodox Church assembled in synod stated that the Orthodox Church "projects the sacredness of life and man's character as a person from the very moment of conception. The right to be born is the first of human rights" (Encyclical of the Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church 12, Crete 2016).

In addition to the moral and spiritual challenges raised, the attempt to impose this right to abortion in the primary law of the European Union is likely to be a source of deep dissension between the different positions of the Member States. At the same time, European voters know that the common European good includes, among other things, the development of the EU supported by population growth.

We therefore cannot agree with this ideological position aiming at imposing an European 'sacralisation' of abortion and undermines the very foundations of the nature, dignity and sanctity of life.


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