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European Parliament Hosts Book Presentation on Peace Between Religions

The European Parliament welcomed a book presentation on the topic of peaceful coexistence of religions, in a move that highlights its importance in today’s society. The first book, titled “La juive de Shanghai,” was written by renowned novelist Marek Halter. The second, “Libérons l’Islam de l’Islamisme”, was written by Imam Hassen Chalghoumi.

The event was attended by a number of high-profile politicians and representatives, including Jan Olbrycht and György Hölvényi, MEPs, Co-Chairmen of the WG on Intercultural and Religious Dialogue. The presentation was moderated by Rabbi Avi Tawil, Director of European Jewish Community Centre. François-Xavier Bellamy, MEP, Head of the French Delegation of the EPP group, offered an introduction to the topic and personal insights on the relevance of dialogue and cooperation between religions.

The two authors detailed the process of writing their books and the factors which determined their effort. Through a dialogue with the audience, mediated by Rabbi Avi Tawil, Imam Hassen Chalghoumi and Marek Halter presented the necessary context in order to understand the final purpose of their books. In this way, the book presentations mark a significant step in the ongoing efforts to promote tolerance and mutual understanding in the European society. Both authors have pleaded for the necessity to introduce in schools the study of fundamental religious texts. They also detailed the impossibility of reducing religion to politics; the former is an ocean, while the latter only a river that cannot contain it (Imam Chalghoumi). It is hoped that the message of the books presented at the event will continue to inspire individuals and communities in the three monotheistic religions.


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