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Religious Education is a must in European Schools

On 12 September 2023, the European Parliament adopted a resolution, that was prepared in the Committee on Culture and Education (CULT), on the System of European Schools - state of play, challenges and perspectives.

European Schools are educational institutions established in EU Member States, providing children with a multilingual and multicultural education at nursery, primary and secondary levels. Today there are 13 European Schools in 6 Member States, including five schools in Belgium. These schools aim to educate the children of staff of the European institutions and those working in various diplomatic offices.

The adopted text states that the European Parliament "insists on maintaining the current provision of religious education and ethics" (para. 31).

Denominationally organised Religious Education is currently being taught in European schools at the primary (5-10 years) and secondary (11-18 years) levels.

It is important to emphasise the retention of Religious Education in the current curriculum, because current attempts to reform the organisation of education in European schools aim, among other things, to eliminate Religion and Ethics from the last two years of secondary education.

The Representation of the Romanian Patriarchate in Brussels pays great attention to the field of education, with a special regard for Religious Education. That is why it vigorously promotes the presence of Religious Education in all European public schools as an integral part of a wholistic, efficient and formative educational process.

To this end, it has published a a study on the variety of manners in which Religious Education is currently being taught in the 27 Member States of the EU.


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